I am a Ph.D. student since 2015 in agricultural and applied economics at the University of Georgia, in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

The questions I am mostly concerned with are: Why and how does extreme inequality arise (i.e. differences in income of 100 times or more)? Why and how is generalized ecological breakdown ocurring? How do we pevent and correct both? In short, what drives me is a (sometimes unhealthy) concern about the social and environmental decomposition that threatens to undermine the foundations of a thriving civilization.

Today I'm building a theoretical framework capable of explaining these phenomenon jointly. This research agenda is based on the idea that desires are based on material divergences, and that energy transfers are the unique source of material change. Therefore, it is centered on understanding the role that energy plays in economic systems.

Before taking on a Ph.D. to do this, I worked in Chile part-time as an Instructor in Economics, Sustainability, and Ecology, and part-time as the coordinator of a Sustainable Campus initiative in the Universidad de Chile. I am not sure how I also managed to do some research assistantships in between.

While getting my B.Sc. in Economics from the Universidad de Chile, I complemented formal classes with heavy involvement in student organizations. Within these I implemented a recycling system, represented the student's federation in an international conference, addressed Congress, among others. Although my day-to-day has become notably less high-profile since then, I am confident that the underlying driver is the same, and hope never to give up on it.


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