1. Economic Rent
    "¿Apropiación privada de renta de recursos naturales? El caso del cobre en Chile" El Trimestre Económico 83:549–572
  2. Sustainability measures
    "Welcoming uncertainty: A probabilistic approach to measure sustainability" Ecological Indicators 72:586–596
  3. Energy and economics
    My current research is focused on understanding the role that energy plays in economic systems. This agenda is based on the idea that desires are based on material divergences, and that energy transfers are the essence of work
  4. Conferences
    “A big gift? Copper in Chile, Institucional Framework and Rent”. LACEA 2013 Annual Meeting. Contributed Sessions IV, Political Economy. “Hacia un Índice de Desarrollo Sustentable". ICBAE 2014 annual meeting. Economics and Environment, Adaptation to Climate Change.