1. Intro. to Economics
    Three times in the Universidad de Chile. It was focused on giving first a broad picture of economics, before diving into neoclassical economics. The first section covered epistemological differences between classical, marxist, keynesian, and neoclassical economics. The second focused on microeconomics, and the third on macroeconomics.
  2. Intro. to Sustainability
    Once in the Universidad de Chile and in the UTEM. It was focused on the scientific basis revealing the problem of sustainability, and on the tools to solve it. In the former university the course followed an ad'hoc list of problems and solutions, while on the latter it was based on Rockström's biospherical limits.
  3. Intro. to Ecology
    Twice in the Universidad de Chile. It was focused on functional ecology, enabling students to latter recognize the interdependence between natural and social systems. The first section covered the biotope, biocenosis, and population dynamics. In the second students made the lectures on pressing environmental issues.